A strategic orientation paired with operational excellence is the key to a winning organization. The organization also needs to understand that its most critical asset is the minds and efforts of its people. The obvious conclusion to that assertion is that your only true competitive advantage is your people. People create the strategies, drive the operations and therefore, as they succeed or fail so does your business. The linkage is obvious and critical to your success.

LGE brings expertise and experience in vital areas to ensure your business success through your people including executives, managers and individual contributors. We offer our expertise in the following areas to maximize your team's ability to drive for success.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Often your organizations’ future hinges on successful growth and expansion. You must be able to successfully target, acquire and integrate the right businesses. All three phases are critical and all three phases require solid Organizational planning to ensure a successful venture. Many times the Organizational planning piece is left as an afterthought, a cleanup item. This creates a true risk in hitting projected pro formas and even outright failure. We offer comprehensive guidance and deliverables to help ensure your M&A successes including:


  • Cultural gap analysis between your business and the target.

  • Pre/Post organization structure planning.

  • Talent assessments and strategies.

  • Leadership and employee engagement planning.

  • Communications planning.

  • Executive and Senior Team Effectiveness Coaching

    Clearly, the tone and success of your business starts with senior leadership. Maximizing an executive’s professional success and personal satisfaction is a winning combination for any organization. Understanding and fulfilling an executive’s desired growth while driving success for the organization is critical. We engage, develop and deliver executive and senior management coaching based upon the belief that individual and team success go hand in hand. Individual development occurs within the team and organizational environment in which the person works. We offer the following services to help ensure your senior talent’s excellence through professional and personal growth.


  • Individual and team assessments.

  • Goal setting and ROI development.

  • Aligning executive development with your business needs.

  • Cascade of individual and team development into the organization.

  • Assisting leaders with their ability to set, drive and maintain the desired culture.

  • Change Leadership and Execution Excellence

    It’s simple, obsolescence follows a lack of ability to read the environment, change and innovate. An accurate assessment of the requirements of the change, assessing the gap, planning and implementing the change effort and measuring success are critical to constantly evolving your organization. Large or small, change sends ripples through your entire organization. We can lead these efforts as leaders or do damage control. Thoughtful yet dynamic leadership is required. We bring the following tools and expertise to guide you through changing times.


  • Change leadership planning blending best practices with your unique needs.

  • Leadership development specific to facilitating change successfully.

  • Team training and facilitation in effective change leadership.

  • A metrics, outcome driven approach.

  • Full communication and organization alignment planning.

  • Human Resource Function Positioned as a Business Facilitator

    As the steward for your most valuable asset, the HR function must be aligned seamlessly with the business’s plans and goals. The HR team, practices and tools must be aligned to facilitate your business imperatives. HR initiatives such as communication, pay practices, employee relations and other areas are interpreted by employees as Leadership’s true view of their importance to the firm and the value placed upon their welfare and professional development. Ensuring that the HR function is developing the optimal programs and processes to deliver the business plans and culture is critical. We offer the following areas of expertise to assist your leadership team and HR function to perform together flawlessly.


  • Human Resources Review and Audit.

  • Review of the alignment of the HR function with the business plan.

  • HR function structure and goal review.

  • HR ROI assessment.

  • Repositioning the HR function for optimal business performance.

  • As you can see, we bring a systems orientation to the optimization of your only true competitive advantage, your people. Find the best, retain the best.

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