"The West Texas Coalition for Innovation & Commercialization (WTCIC), in collaboration with the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, serves as the catalyst for the West Texas Region (83 counties) to create an environment that is conducive to regional industrial, intellectual, and educational wealth creation. LGE has been a vital partner in this effort because of their ability to leverage their vast experience, expertise, and corporate “know how”. LGE is already generating successful partnerships with West Texas companies to accelerate their rapid growth. LGE’s global network of professionals makes them a valuable partner because of their ability to execute on a plan of action in a very rapid manner."

Dale Gannaway
Board Chairman and Executive Director
Hired by the CEO of $30M services company to help grow their top line. Coached the CEO and executive team through all phases of engagement, led project to define new business offerings, placed two executive team members, expanded company into Europe and South America in less than 45 days and managed executive client relationships.

Results: Grew revenue by 30% during the period and established company presence in 2 regions. Maintained client engagement over two-year period, company recently reengaged LGE after ownership change.
Hired by the CEO of a $50M telecommunications firm to scope a new services line of business and go to market strategy. Assessed core competencies of company and determined feasible new product direction, given competitive landscape, operational capabilities and financial resources. Led CEO and execs through a quantifiable buy/build analysis of strategic alternatives. Assessed potential of several acquisition candidates.

Results: Client is pursuing new services strategy and is investigating potential M&A candidates. CEO and President were pleased that this study “provided the layer of depth that we needed” and the executive team was enthusiastic about the education that they received on the potential new lines of business.
Hired by investors in Australian start up company to establish presence in Europe. Put in place a virtual team, conducted extensive market analysis, and established initial channel structure.

Results: Completed comprehensive business plan and investment strategy that allowed investors to adjust his business priorities and direction.
Hired by the founder of $30M Chinese consumer product company to introduce new product into US market. Assembled a virtual team within 30 days and developed detailed business plan.

Assembled virtual team, completed business plan, introduced company to investment group, and started due diligence process within 4 months.
Hired by the business development executive of a $150M European supply chain services company to help establish presence in the US. Developed account plan, managed executive client relationships and facilitated the establishment of critical partnerships.

Results: Won key US opportunity with Fortune 100 technology company and established strategic partnerships with 2 US partners that could lead to additional future business.